- Gauges installed and working!

I spent some time working on the car today, and was able to get the gauges in and working. The only thing I couldn't verify was the speedometer itself, but it's not something that usually breaks on these cars. The gauges I installed actually do not belong to this particular model of Porsche. The factory installed gauges are similar mechanically and electrically, but the look is different. The original gauges have a black face with yellow lettering, and yellow indicator lighting. To me, this was a tacky "80s" touch that Porsche added. The gauges I decided to install came from a total of 6 different eBay auctions. I aquired a tachometer from a mid 80s Porsche 924S, the warning / fuel / voltage indicator from another 80s Porsche 924, and the speedometer came from a 1981 Porsche 924 Turbo. Personally, I prefer the more conservative look of back-lit gauges, white lettering, and the red indicators. Now that the gauges are in, I can focus on the rest of the interior and dash. Before I buttoned everything up, I verified that all the wiring and lights were working, and correct. I also installed the turn signals, wiper arm, and cruise stalk, as well as the plastic surround for it. I finished up the HVAC ducting as well. The next step will be to align the wheels, clean up my new Porsche steering wheel and get it installed. If you've noticed the blue and beige wire protruding from a hole above the gauge cluster, that is a left-over feature from the older Porsches which used this gauge. I believe it's for a lambda warning. I'll probably use it for a 5th gear indicator, or something else. But, just in case, I decided I would wire it up ahead of time, just in case I decide to make use of it in the future.