- What is wrong with me?

I simply could not bring myself to do this half-assed. What started out as me simply wanting to replace the speakers in the rear of the Porsche turned into a FULL blown interior restoration. While I HAD intended to replace most of the items in the interior, I left the ceiling mostly alone. It wasn't in bad shape. Although it had been painted with a spray can, I had touched it up earlier and it looked decent. In order for me to get the rear speakers out, it required me to remove the side quarter windows. Basically, the quarter window gaskets (on the inside) tuck around the vinyl tabs of the interior panels. So... I ended up removing both quarter panels, ordering new weather stripping, and a few other items. In addition, I also discovered that I can NOT install the larger speakers in the back. They are also 4x6 (the later years had much larger rear speakers). I also tore the hell out of the front of the car. I removed the old damaged front chin spoiler, the old bumper (which I will replace with one that has headlight washers) as well as the fog lamps and several other items. I also inspected the timing belt. While it does look good, it could probably use some tightening.