- Finished a few items, got the car started.

     Saturday and Sunday I worked on the car. I removed, cleaned, and flushed the radiator. It was in good shape, and looks fairly new. I also replaced all the radiator hoses and cross-over pipes. I replaced the distributor cap with a Bosch unit, the distributor rotor, the plug wires, the battery negative cable, the positive end, flilled the motor with new 50/50 antifreeze and some Redline Water Wetter.
      I decided to clean up the COWL area. Unfortunately, the car suffers from several leaks. This is partly what caused the interior to become as nasty as it was before I got it. The previous owner had installed several aftermarket "gadgets" in the car which lead to numerous machine screws being driven into the cowl area. This is the most common place for leaks on these cars (plus clogged sunroof channels). I welded two of the holes, but ended up just putting slightly oversized screws in them with RTV sealant for now. I also cleaned up the battery tray area, painted it, and then hit it with some "Rubberized Undercoating" which works well against battery acid and helped seal the area from any potential leaks. While I was there, I cleaned the drain channels, re-greased the windshield wiper arm joints, cleaned the cowl fan, and replaced the cowl fan shroud with a good used one I found at the junkyard. I then topped it off with a new cowl to hood gasket. Although I was able to get the car started, the motor appears to have a problem with the reference sensors. I have reluctantly ordered new ones, which I should be getting in time for next week. Where my car stands now, I cannot get it started (bad speed sensor). Here are some more up to date pictures and a more recent shot of the interior