- It RUNS!!!!!!!!!

Hard to believe it, but it runs! I really lucked out. I bought this car sight unseen, with no idea what was REALLY wrong with it. Well, after some jerry-rigging I was able to get it running. Now that it's running, I decided to free my Fiero (who's been stuck behind car after car for the past 4 months). These are pictures of the two backed into the back yard so I could turn them around. Basically, two major things were wrong with the car. The first being that the starter didn't work. I replaced the starter, and then realized the igniton switch is messed up. So, in the mean time, I have a temporary wire that I short with the battery to crank it. The other problem is that the fuel pump is not getting power. I replaced the relays, and still, no dice. So I manually wired up a temporary wire from the fuel pump to the battery. It runs and idles beautifully after adding some high octane fuel. At least now I know it's worth moving forward on this project.