- Ordered parts off eBay

Well, I realized that the interior of this car is basically trashed. My intention was to fix this car and drive it. But, I just don't see myself driving in a car that's this disgusting inside. So, I went ahead and ordered the pieces that I will need. Of these parts, I ordered a complete set of used seats. They are leather with Porsche fabric inserts. They're actually in excellent shape. I also ordered a complete carpet kit to replace everything inside. The only thing I can't feasibly replace is the dash. A restored one is going to cost me in the neighborhood of $800 bucks. I've opted (for now), to just put a fabric "dash mat" on it instead. One last item that I decided to order, was some sound deadening. Part of what makes a Porsche, a Porsche, is it's quiet and smooth sounding interior. Unlike the 924, the 944 came equipped with sound deadening EVERYWHERE. I've ordered two huge sheets of DynaMat which I will use to replace it.