- I am ONE step closer to owning a Porsche!!!

Yes, it's true... I don't ACTUALLY own this Porsche... YET. The registration for this car has been quite an event. It basically goes like this. The person I bought the car from purchased it from another guy in Georgia. This previous person never got around to registering it because he's away on a ship in the Navy. To compound this issue, the car also does not have a title. (cars older than 1986 do not require a title). I basically have: 1) A paper from the state certifying that the car does NOT need a title. 2) The registration papers from the actual owner of the car. 3) A bill of sale from the actual owner to the new owner. 4) A bill of sale from the new owner, to ME. In order for me to register it, I had to have it registered in the OTHER guy's name BEFORE I can transfer it into my name. Because he's away on a ship, I needed to aquire "Power of Attorney" to sign documents for him. I had to fax him a form, he had to sign it, and then he had to have it notorized and send it back to me. Thankfully this guy is REALLY co-operative, otherwise I'd be screwed. In addition to having him sign POA to me, I also had to pay his sales tax. Long story short, I now have a NEW title for this Porsche (in his name) in my hand. My next step (and this is the simple part), is to sign the title over to me along with the original bill of sale he wrote for me. It's quite a process and all in all, cost me close to $300 in registration fees... but it's worth it.