- New carpeting goes in!!!

Finally a long weekend, and more time to work on the Porsche. I removed the remainder of the carpeting from the interior of the car and planned out the next steps, starting with the trunk. Before I put down any carpet, I wanted to replace the factory sound deadener with some much newer Dynamat. I took this opportunity to add more than stock to help the sound and insulation even more. I laid the dynamat on both sides of the inner fenders behind the rear wheels. I also layered it over the floor pans in the front and rear seat pans. When it's compelte, intend to spray the entire floor with rubberized undercoating to help improve the cabin noise even more. Although I didn't have the correct fasteners, I was still able to install the rear carpeting. I'll need to replace those clips with replacement OEM Porsche clips in the near future. All in all, the car is looking really nice inside now. I've cut a hole in the carpet for the shifter and the gas pedal. I still have a long ways to go before I can leave the carpet like this. In the mean time, I've laid it all out, and put the seats in. The rear seats are in for good now, but I'll need to weld studs on the floor boards for the front seats... the previous owner cut them off, and used machine screws to attach his "racing" seats. The seats I put in there got a little dirty from being handled, but once everything is complete, I'll detail the entire car, and shampoo the seats.