1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria/P71
Radio Suppression Package / Grounding Straps [53M]

      In 1998, Ford offered an option for the Crown Victoria/P71 that equipped the vehicle with a series of ground straps that were used to help reduce radio interference caused by antenna arrays. This package, known as the Radio Suppression Package (code 53M), was first offered in 1998 and continued through the end of production in 2011. In total, the package included 10 straps which helped properly ground various major components of the body, frame, exhaust, and engine/transmission to eachother. This significantly reduced or outright eliminated any perceivable interference that would be caused by devices with potentially competing frequencies. The option package cost an additional $95 to the vehicles price tag and was listed on the window sticker as "Noise Suppression Bond Straps."

The straps were located in the following areas:
    Hood to body (LH/RH)
    Engine to dash panel
    Engine to frame
    Core support to frame front (LH/RH)
    Trunklid to body (LH/RH)
    Body to frame rear and tail-pipe to frame rear(LH/RH)

This option is quite common on P71s, but would be an ideal upgrade for a civilian or non-equipped P71 that has a non-standard or high performance stereo system. Personal Note: after installing these straps, any interference I had from my aftermarket stereo was completely eliminated.

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