1985 Pontiac Fiero GT

     I bought this car in 1999. I owned the car for about 3 years, from 1999 to 2001. I purchased this car from an online sale at Pennock's Fiero Forum. I was looking specifically for this model and configuration because I wanted something that was really quick that I could enjoy driving while keeping the miles off my nicer 1987 Fiero SE / V6. This particular car had a lot of miles on it, but was well maintained. I bought the car with about 140 thousand miles on it. The previous owner had done a bit of work, no "performance" upgrades, or at least not intentionally. The Fiero had decked heads (they had warped), which boosted the compression to around 9.1:1 (the intention was not more power), and the transmission was replaced with a similar model that had a higher gear ratio of 4.10:1 instead of the standard 3.65:1 that was offered that year. That, coupled with the lack of catalytic converter made this car a rocket. It easily ran the quarter mile in low 15s all day long.

I put about 20 thousand miles on this car, and sold it with 163k miles to someone in the same city and state from which I originally purchased it (Dayton, Ohio). The next owner drove the car for another 20 thousand miles, and finally destroyed the half-shafts during a burnout. I don't know if this car is still on the road.

Some Old Pictures from ~1999