1987 Pontiac Fiero SE / V6 5-Speed

     I purchased this car back in may of 2005. To be honest, I really felt bad about what I ended up doing with this car. All I really wanted, was a parts car to convert my 1987 Fiero SE / V6 automatic vehicle, into a manual transmission. I came across this car, and had to jump on it. This car was complete with the exception of the front and rear bumpers. This car must have been pretty impressive for it's time. Whoever ordered this car, had speed / handling in mind. This car came with ALL of the performance options, and absolutely NONE of the luxury options. To put it simply, the ONLY option this car actually came with, was A/C, trunk release, tilt, and a leather wrapped steering wheel. All these "options" came standard on the SE model. But, the SE model was the only Fiero you could get with the aero package, and yet still not have many options at all. Unfortunately, the truth is that this car is quite rare. It was only one of 1,800 built with the V6 in the SE body. We can drill it down even more being that it was a 5-Speed, a no-opion car, no sunroof, manual everything. It was really probably one of 30 or so with these options. I absolutely could NOT get a title for it. In addition, I could not get ANYONE to take the frame or body. So I did the only thing I could do... cut it up, and leave it out for bulk pick-up in the cul-de-sac. (My neighbors were really fascianeted by the pieces). Ultimately, I ended up with EVERYTHING needed to convert my 87 V6 Automatic, to a proper 87 V6 Manual.

- Received pictures of the parts car.

The car looks pretty decent. I was very excited by the fact that it clearly shows a 5-Speed shifter in the picture. Knowing that it was a V6, and that there was a 5 speed, I had to figure it was an 87. I was able to find one image from the original batch that was sent to me. This one image is what made me realize it is in fact a V6, and a Getrag. If you look very carefully, you can count the number of gears on the shift pattern.

- The car is finally home!!!

The car is finally home. In total, I ended up paying about $350 for the car. I gave the guy $100 for gas for hauling it down. He's retired, so he didn't really care, but I was really happy he brought it to me, so I dropped a Benjamin for his time. I can't seem to find any pictures of the car at this point, but I'll add them later if I do.

- I'm a total slacker!!!

I've done absolutely nothing with this car in the past several months. It's sat in this condition for far too long. Bulk Pickup is coming, but i'm too tired from all the work I've been doing these past few weeks. I spent the time pulling the entire wiring harness from the rear of the car. Since my good car is also an 87, and an SE, this harness will make an excellent spare. It's interesting to note that I have this car parked on the side of the house where the previous owner had a pond. While I did my best to fill it, the ground is still soft and this car is slowly being consumed by the ground beneath it. I'm really going to have to step this up if I want to get to it before the ground does. In one of the pictures you see my parts car watchdog hard at work protecting the backyard.

- Bulk Pickup tomorrow! I've got to get another load ready!

I'm really in a crunch to get this car out of here. I can't finish my patio until it's moved. I've decided I'm going to remove the COWL panel, and the base of the windshield today. I'll try to get more if I can, but in the mean time, this will have to be enough.

- Couple of night shots!

I've made a bit more progress getting the car chopped up. I've managed to save quite a few pieces from this car. For now, here are some shots from the car at the end of the day (to show where it's parked in relation to the side of my house). In the foreground, you can see my other (nice) 87 SE/V6 Fiero.

- More progress...

I really, really, REALLY want to get this car out of here. I still can't figure out why it barely moves, but I'm on a mission to cut it up. There isn't much left. Today I cut the entire body in half. I can't seem to find many (if any) pictures of my progress. I cut the body apart directly behind the firewall in the engine compartment. I then removed the front suspension, flipped the body over on it's side cut it down it's length, and then pieced apart the engine compartment and hauled the entire trunk area to the curb for bulk pickup (my neighbors love me!). Here is one picture that shows the cowl completely removed. You can see my instruments of destruction as well (Makita angle grinder and a DeWalt reciprocating saw).

- A little more time spent with the sawzall!

Bulk pick-up is coming again, and I need to get this hulk out of here so I can get started on my patio renovations. I finally got around to cutting up the lower portion of the space frame, separating the main cabin area from the engine compartment. Although it looks like I'm being careless, I'm taking special precaution to ensure I don't damage anything important. I plan to re-use or sell a lot of the pieces from this car, especially the 5-Speed components.

- It's gone...

Well, unfortunately I could not find very many pictures of the car. I still wish I had taken more, but I guess that's how things go sometimes. Never the less, the car is completely gone, and I no longer have to worry about it. I kept quite a few pieces, sold a few pieces, and helped a friend fix up his own Fiero. I now have plenty of excellent condition spare parts for my own 87 SE that I plan to keep forever. Of these parts, I now have a spare front and rear subframe, several interior panels, and a PERFECT dash in the same color. As you can see in the two pictures below, with the car gone, I'm able to finish my patio. It looks awesome if I do say so myself.