1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE Sedan

     This car was awesome! This was my first "new" car. Really, it wasn't new... it was a 1997, and it was already August of 2000. But... that's the newest vehicle I've ever owned in my life. This car met it's unfortunate end when it was T-boned by a Ford Expedition. A family member was driving this vehicle, and didn't see the car coming. I purchased it in May of 2000, and totalled it in July of 2004. This car served me well, and I hated to junk it. I stripped it with the help of my friend Trevor, and Tom, and sold most of the useful parts on eBay. This car only had 117k miles on it when it was picked up by the wrecker.

- Glamor shot of the new ride!!!

I took this the week after I picked it up. I washed it, changed the oil, and bought new hubcaps.

- Totalled!!!

Trying to make the best of every situation, I got some friends together and we stripped the car, I was able pull the motor, and most of the good parts from the vehicle, and sell what I could. Here are pictures of the damage, as well as some of the tear-down. It probably COULD have been repaired, but it really wouldn't have been worth it. There was frame damage that tweaked the entire body (roof was even bent).