1975-1977 Jaguar XJC 6/8/12 Series-II Coupe

     I don't currently own one of these, but I've always been a big admirer of 70s Jaguars. This model in particular embodies mostly everything that I've come to appreciate from Jaguar (especially the sedans), but with the style and sportyness of a coupe body. This particular model, the "Series-II" Coupe, was built from 1975-1977 only. There were something like only 495 made each year which makes these cars considerably rare. Although not terribly expensive, you certainly don't see one every day. The majority of the parts used are interchangeable between the sedan and coupe body. The exception to this is / are any interior or body pieces which are coupe specific. This more or less includes the door panels, the rear interior panels, the doors themselves, and the coupe window. Everything else is interchangeable.

- One is for sale on eBay, right in my back yard!!!

Although I thought about it for days, I decided not to buy it. The reserve wasn't met (which was still less than $1,000), but sometimes you just have to let them go. Yes, it's probably true that I'll never find one as complete, in this good of condition, and for this price anywhere remotely close to where I live. However with all the other projects I have going on, and the lack of space, I simply can not handle another car. I barely have room for 7 cars (which is what we have now), let alone another one. In any case, here is a link to the auction: 1977 Jaguar XJ6C Coupe. Since this auction probably won't stay on eBay forever, I've downloaded the pictures which you can view below...

- This is what the seller had to say about it:

     This auction is for a Rare 1977 Jag XJ6C Coupe. These cars were built from 1975 to 1977 and just over 3000 were built in left hand drive. Its extimated that less than 300 remain in existance today. These cars can only go up in value, they are becoming more rare each day. This would make a great V8 conversion car or you can build the Jag motor and get 350hp to 400hp out of the stock motor. As you will see by the photos this car is rough and it has rust. I purchased this for a parts car for my other Jags and decided not to part it out. When I purchased it I was told that it ran and the air worked. I was also told that the gas tanks had been drianed and were in good condition. The car is 99% complete, I did rob a couple of small parts for my sedan but its mostly all there. This car could be restored, its 99% there and would make an awesome restored classic jag! Theres great value in parts on this car. I just don't have the time to play with it anymore For the coupe owner,,this is a treasure trove of parts for your car! Its kind of like having money in the bank, next time you need a part you dont have to search the internet, just pull it! Evenutally you will need them! For now its just taking up space and I dont have the time to deal with it. Make me an offer I cant refuse and its yours.