Below is a quick run-down of the repairs / restoration I've performed on the lights, taillights, and headlights on my 1987 Pontiac Fiero SE / V6. Note, some of these links may take you to other pages on my site. List of repairs, in no particular order:





The headlights were redesigned for the 1987 model year with improved mechanicals. This is the year of my Fiero. Although the headlights were working, like with everything on this car, I'm going to give it a once through anyway so that it looks and operates as if new.

The first step was remove the headlight bucket / assembly, disassemble it and clean / repaint everything. There are quite a few components here, and a lot of the hardware needed to be replaced or reconditioned. A few years prior, I owned another 87 Fiero SE parts car that I stripped. I saved both headlight assemblies from it. Taking the best components from both sets, I was able to produce a like-new set of headlight assemblies. Most of the hardware spent time in my rock tumbler, and the rest of the parts were sanded down and painted. The adjustable headlight bucket holder is especially prone to corrosion. After sanding it down, I painted it with two coats of primer and finished it off with epoxy suspension paint to make it more durable.

For this part of my rebuild, I only needed to purchase a new set of headlights (Fiero Store - 84-88 MEGA-WHITE HEADLAMP KIT ). I did not rebuild the headlight motors since I had already rebuilt them years past using a motor rebuild kit from Rodney Dickman. Everything else in the rebuild was re-purposed. Factory Fiero headlights are sealed-beam, but I chose to upgrade to the bulb enclosures that allow the use of modern headlamp bulbs (as shown in the pictures below).

Here is a detailed assembly procedure of the drivers side headlight bucket w/ links to the pictures. The pictures displayed on this page below are basic progress shots from the passenger side headlight rebuild:

1 - Assemble the two bare assembly components as shown. They are attached with two bolts.
2 - Make sure that the two bolts used to assemble the two halfs are properly lubricated with "White Lithium" grease.
3 - The two halves should look like this when assembled. Note the orientation of the bolts.
4 - The armature on the motor should be installed as shown (RHs). Ensure that both dowels are greased and a lock clip is attached.
5 - Motor should now be installed in the assembly as shown. Now is a good time to re-install the bump-stops.
6 - Attach motor to headlight bucket armature as shown. Don't forget to grease both ends upon installation.
7 - Grease the three touch-pads in the headlight bucket before installing the backing plate. Also install adjustment screws.
8 - Next, install the headlight plate with the adjustment spring. The plate can only go in one way.
9 - Install headlight, trim ring, and retaining screws. Do not overtighten. Also install the white screw supports in the base.
10 - Install assembled bucket assembly, and re-attach trim pieces.
FINISHED - BOTH SIDES INSTALLED and in down position

Part of reconditioning all the parts required me to buff out the stainless headlight retaining ring. If the headlight trim ring isn't pitted, it should clean up easily using stainless wadding polish. I used "Never Dull" Wadding Polish by Eagle One. Note: The headlight bulbs have a bluish tinge to the bulb itself, but the light projected is a pure white (not blue).

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