My 1987 Pontiac Fiero SE/V6 originally came with a Th-125 3-Speed automatic transmission (GX3, 3.33:1). Although the transmission has been very reliable, I really want a manual transmission. Since I already have most of the parts I need, I decided to convert my Fiero from an automatic into a manual transmission car. Below is a quick run-down of the restoration and conversion from automatic to 5-Speed manualin my 1987 Pontiac Fiero SE/V6. Here are some quick links to go directly to the section you're looking for:

  - Installation of the Hydraulic Clutch Line

  - Dissasembly, Rebuild, and Installation of the Clutch Assembly

  - Installation of the Clutch Master Cyl

  - Installation of the 5-Speed Shifter Assembly


In converting from an automatic to a manual, I needed to install a new clutch line that connects between the clutch master cyl, and the slave cyl located on the transmission. This clutch line is installed in place of the old automatic transmission cooler lines. I opted to go with the stainless steel lines from the Fiero Store. Rather than re-use the old oxodized hard-clamps, I purchased a set of rubber coated stainless steel body mount clamps from Harbor Freight tools. Fitment for the lines was a little tight, but nothing a little massaging of the line couldn't easily fix. The body lines, and connection to and from the master and slave cyl is shown in this diagram.

  - Fiero Store 84-88 4 & 5spd CLUTCH LINE (2nd DESIGN) (Stainless)


From my parts Fiero I will be using the 5-Speed getrag transmission and the clutch / pedal assembly that came with it, to help with my automatic to manual conversion. I pulled a spare pedal assembly from the junkyard as well to ensure that I had all the necessary hardware / spare parts. Using a new replacement clutch pedal from the Fiero Store, I dissasembled the entire assembly, degreased it, painted it, and re-assembled it. All cars came with a slot for the clutch master cyl, it simply needs to be popped out to reveal the opening. All wear points, bushings, etc, were greased with white lithium grease during and after assembly. Note: This is important as you cannot do most of this after re-assembly. The bolts were all assembled with blue Loc-Tite. Also, when rebuilding the pedal assembly, make sure that the pivot bolt /shaft is not bent. These pedals take quite a bit of abuse and one of the pedal assemblies was noticeably bent, rendering it useless. Other than the new pedal and a new pedal rubber, I had more than enough good spare parts to ensure a quality rebuild.

It's interesting to note that all pedal assemblies, automatic or manual, are basically the same. The difference between them is the size of the foot-print on the brake pedal, the length of the rod assembly, and the addition of the clutch pedal "carrier" that attaches to the left side of the brake pedal bracket. After installation of the pedal assembly, I also installed the brake switch and the clutch safety-switch assembly.

  - Fiero Store 84-88 CLUTCH PEDAL ASSEMBLY (All Steel, Improved over OEM)


After installing the pedals and the new clutch line, I went ahead and installed the new clutch master cyl that I got from a friend who no longer needed it. Luckily, it was the exact style needed (2nd revision) for my year Fiero. It fit perfectly, with only slight interference from the cowl vent tube. Doesn't seem to be a big deal however. I looked at some cars in the junkyard and apparently that's how they came from the factory.


The easiest part of the Automatic to 5-Speed swap, is installing the shifter, though it gives the biggest sense of progress. The automatic shifter is removed with four bolts and disconnecting the transmission cable. The 5-Speed shifter assembly can be installed simply in reverse order. The shifter is specific between the 4-Speed and 5-Speed, so make sure what you are installing is correct for the transmission. You can also purchase a rebuild kit for an older shifter from Rodney Dickman. Installation of the cables is fairly simple as well, one cable goes through the automatic transmission hole, while the other requires one of the solid rubber grommets to be removed (see diagram).

  - Rodney Dickman - 5 Speed Shifter Rebuild Kits


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