The Fiero Online Service Guide - List of all Repairs / Maintenance / Upgrades for Fieros.

Fiero - List of Performance Upgrades - A list of upgrades to improve the performance of the V6 Fiero.

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Fiero - Factory Color Codes - Complete list of all factory colors for Fieros.

Fiero - [4T60 / TH-440] 4-Speed Automatic - Transmission Gearing / Identification Information.

Fiero - Converting to a 4-Speed Automatic - Complete step by step and parts list.

Fiero - Converting to a manual transmission - Complete step by step and parts list (follow my progress).

Fiero - Distributor Upgrade - Revised factory-spec distributor upgrade for the Fiero V6.

Fiero - V6 MAP Upgrade - Upgrade for the original Fiero V6 Map Sensor.

Fiero - Belt Repair / Upgrade - Solutions for the squealing belt on V6 Fieros.

Fiero - Power Window + Locks / Upgrade - Guide to adding power windows and door locks to the Fiero.

Fiero - Herb Adams VSE "All Fired Up" - Article from Herb Adams on improving the Pontiac Fiero.

Fiero - Heater Core Replacement - Step by step guide to replacing the heater core in the Fiero.

Fiero - Chassis Torque Specifications - Torque numbers for the front and rear suspension on the Fiero.

Fiero - Wiring/Piping Schematics - Various wiring and hose/tubing schematics for the Pontiac Fiero.


Year-to-Year Changes - A detailed list of the year to year changes of the Crown Victoria platform.


P71 Trunk Mounting Guide - The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Trunk Equipment Mounting Guide.


List of Simple Upgrades - Here is a list of simple upgrades to improve the look / feel of your CV.


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Adding Memory Seats - Adding the 95-97 factory Memory Seat Option to all 98-02 Crown Victorias.


Aluminum P71 Driveshaft Swap - Adding the P71 Aluminum Driveshaft to any civilian Crown Victoria.


Anti-Sway Stabilizer Bar [Rear] - Adding a rear stabilizer bar to any 92-11 Crown Victoria.


Autolock & Horn Chirp Programming - Programming the autolock feature of your 2002 Crown Victoria.


Ballistic Door Panels - Information on the ballistic door panels for the Crown Victoria P71.


Courtesy Lighting Upgrade - Upgrade all 97-02 models with the improved 95-96 lighting.


Dark Mode - What is this blue connector under the dash of my Crown Victoria?


Factory Ford Cell-Phone - Pictures, etc., of the factory 92-94 Ford installed cellular phone.


Factory Jack Upgrade - Upgrade to the premium factory jack for 98-11 Crown Victorias.


Illuminated Lighter Socket Upgrade - Upgrade all 00-02 models with the socket lighting.


Performance Factory Stereo Installation - Drastically improve the sound of the factory stereo.


Police Roof Support - Adding the Police / P71 factory steel roof support bracket.


Radio Suppression Package - Description of the P71 optional Radio Suppression [53M] / Ground Straps.


Sound Deadening - Eliminate noise intrusion through sound deadening in your Crown Victoria.


Steering Wheel Removal - Steering wheel removal instructions for 98-04 Crown Victorias.


Underbody Security Lighting System - Upgrade all 92-11 models with the Underbody Lighting.


944 Reference Sensors - Inexpensive replacement for Porsche 944 reference sensors!.


Rear Window TSB - How to fix a leaking rear-window in a Pontiac Solstice.


Jack Points - Jack Points for the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky.