1984 Porsche 944

     I was looking for something, "different" and I found this car on eBay. It's a 1984 Porsche 944 with a 2.5 liter slant-4 engine. I won the auction at just over $1,300 bucks. The car was NOT running, which allowed me to get a substantial deal on it. I towed it home from Land-O-Lakes, Florida with my Crown Victoria. My plan with this car is to perform what our friends across the pond call, a "Sorting Out" restoration. For those of you who are unaware of exactly what this means, it's a process by which you go through every single system on the car, and bring it back to fully functional operation. Check back often as I will be constantly updating my progress with this car. UPDATE - See below, the car has been sold. This will be my last update for the 1984 Porsche 944.

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- FINAL UPDATE - Sold / New Owners

UPDATE - Well, my wife is pregnant, and I need to simplify my life somewhat and the 84 Porsche 944 is an expensive project. Although it's basically almost done, it still needs a few odds and ends, and more time than I can afford to spend on it. With school starting next term (for my bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering) and a new baby on the way, I realized I just don't have enough time. I have sold the car on eBay for $2,028. I took a huge loss, but at least now I'll have more time. The new owners are already taking really good care of it. They bought the car, and drove it up to Ohio from Fort Lauderdale. Their only issue was a faulty tire valve that went out half way through their trip. When they got the car back, they spent the greater part of the weekend polishing and buffing out the paint. it came out really nice! Although in the end, I lost out big on this car, I am happy considering the amount of work that I put into it, that this car will stay out of the junk yard. When I got it, the previous owner had done so many screwy things, that the car would most likely have ended up in the junkyard, so I guess I saved it. This will be my last update for this car.

- Registered, insured, and running well...

I've come a long way since I started working on this car. As of today, I've officially had this car for a year and a half. Considering I had many other projects, and not much time to work on it, I'm happy I've gotten this much done. Earlier this week I registered the car. It now has a valid tag, and valid insurance. I ran some seafoam through the car, and drove it to the gas station. I filled up with some premium fuel and beat on the car. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the gas pedal goes much farther down than I had originally known the first time I drove it. It's the weirdest thing... 0 to 1/2 throttle is very easy with not much resistance. Then... 1/2 to full throttle is twice the effort. I never bothered to push it because I had assumed it was already at WOT when I had it at 1/2. It has MUCH more power than I initially thought. I originally thought it had power similar to that of say, an automatic 4 cyl Pontiac Fiero, but... it's actually quicker than even a V6 Fiero. I'd say that when all is said and done, it'll probably run consistent mid 15s (which is fine by me). In any case, I took a shot of three of my cars in the cul-de-sac while I was cleaning the garage today. You can see I've got the rest of the body mouldings back on. I took the car out for one last spin before I parked it for the week. I had the back end of the car coming around as I powered through a turn. It was awesome. I nailed it as the tires were still loose and I had the tires squealing about 100 feet down the road. Unfortunately, anything over 45, and the steering wheel shakes... I can't wait to get the suspension fixed!

- 99% Complete, Almost Finished!

It's been a lot of work, but the end is finally near. The car is running really well, the interior is basically complete, and it's a decent running / driving car. At this point, the smaller things like the dent on the door and the suspension are easy things to fix. It's now streetable, and that's the most important part. I took it for a quick spin, washed it, left it to try, and then parked it on the side of the house.

ARCHIVE - Complete step-by-step restoration by date (Ascending Order):

- E-Bay Auction Ends, I win.
- Towing the Porsche 944 home.
- Moving the Porsche to the back. *VIDEO*
- Porsche starts for the first time (in a long time!)
- Ordered new parts (Interior, seats, ignition, dash)
- Gutting the Interior!
- New spark plugs, adjusting the timing.
- Getting the car registered. (title work)
- Installing new carpet in the Porsche
- Purchased various interior pieces on eBay.
- Lots of interior / dash progress.
- Updates on registration.
- Title comes through, car is now officially mine.
- More Interior, Carpet, and HVAC work.
- I MUST BUY THIS!!! (Interior Stuff)
- Installing new Porsche gauges and cluster!
- Installing the stereo and speakers.
- Center console installed. (Interior)
- More interior work (windows / seals).
- Interior nearly complete!
- Starting the car after replacing entire interior.
- Interior finished!
- Engine work (replacing sensors).
- First road test of the Porsche 944.

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